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Xplore Wayanad

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Explore Wayanad – The Sub Tropical Savannas, Exotic Legends, Mysterious Mountain Caves,Hidden riches of a bygone era. .Interwoven with a breath taking array of diverse landscapes.. the rugged virgin terrain of Wayanad captures all that is Wild, Winsome and Wonderful


Nearest Airport  –           Calicut

Nearest Railway Station – Calicut


Pookot Lake

Either on your way to Lakidi from Vythiri or back, Pookote Lake can be visited anytime. It is a freshwater lake surrounded by evergreen forests and hills. The lake is crowded during holidays and it is difficult to find isolation. Still if that is what you want then tread the walkaway around the lake and you will experience much tranquility.

Banasura Dam

The dam is located in the close vicinity of the Karlad Lake and is an excellent base to start off a trekking expedition to the Banasura peak. Also, what will catch your imagination here are the set of islands that are seen in the surroundings.

Suchipara and Kanthampara Fall

The literal meaning of Suchi in the local language is needle. The fall is 50 m from valley view avenue and is perhaps the most attractive one around. The three layered fall, also known as the Sentinel Rock Falls, is situated amidst thick equatorial forests and you will need to undertake a 1-2 km walk to reach it. On reaching as you look up, the beauty of fall hits you almost instantly. The Kanthanpara Waterfalls are comparatively smaller in both size and attraction still it makes for a popular picnic spot. The water here falls from a height of 30 m.

Muthunga Wildlife Sanctuary,

The Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary is located at a distance of 18 km east of Sultan Bathery in the rainforest of Muthunga. The sanctuary forms an integral part of the Nilgiri Bio Sphere Reserve. Animals that can be seen in this sanctuary include Tigers (though there number is slightly less), Elephant, Jungle Cats, Panthers, Civet Cat, Monkeys, Wild dogs, Deers, Spotted Bears, Bisons, Gaurs, Cheetah, Wild Bears, Peacock, Owls, Jungle fowls, Woodpeckers, Babblers, Cukoos. Off late, the shrinking of waterholes in the the sanctuary is posing a great problem for the forest department.

Edakkal caves

Edakkal literally translates into ‘a stone in between’ in Malayalam. The two Edakkal caves are not caves in strictest of sense since there is merely a 96 feet long and 22 feet wide split in the rock. The caves, that stand on Ambukutty mala (a mountain) at a height of 1000 m, were discovered quiet accidently by the F. Fawcett, the then superintendent of police. The caves preserves prehistoric rock engravings including a human figure with headgear, a human figure on wheeled cart, images of a tribal king & queen, a deer and an elephant.


This is an island that sprawls over an area of 950 acres of evergreen forest on the banks of river Themkabani. The island gives you a wonderful feeling of entering into a bygone era. There are shallow stream and marshes in abundance which you need to traverse in order to get to the land. Keep plenty of time to have a good look around at the nature’s wondorous work. A large variety of birds can be spotted here

Thirunelli Temple

The temple is situated 32 km northeast of Mananthavady and is protected by 30 granite columns. The floor has square tiles of granite too. The architecture of the temple, which faces the eastern direction, is worth examining and appreciating. An aquaduct, which was commissioned by a brahmin woman, successfully brings water to the temple from the holy Papnashini stream. The steps at the back of the temple actually leads to the stream and tank (Panchteerth). The Papnashini stream is said to have acquired its sacred cleansing power (a holy dip is considered soul purifier) from the drop of amrita that fell into the water from the pot of Garuda. Panchteerth, at one point of time was a meeting point of five rivers.

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