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Winter Green Valley Wayanad

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Rating:location:Wayanadu (Panoramic view of mountains) Tariff: This property has been rated as one of the most beautiful destinations in Wynad. Moreover, the location of the farm house is very strategic. It is one of the few places where one has a panoramic view of the mountains. There is a mountain stream right across the valley which is splendidly beautiful in the monsoon. It is visible from the bedroom windows and is a delightful sight when one wakes up in the morning. The stream is audible all year round as it flows down the mountains. In the monsoon, one has to literally raise one’s voice to be heard over the sound of the water cascading down the mountains.

Sit back, stretch out and just look at the mountains soaring all around you. Clouds move through the valley below, at times veiling the mountains completely. The drifting clouds are a form of entertainment for those who have the ability to sink themselves in the beauty and bounty of God’s generous gift to mankind – Nature. There is a wide variety of exotic avian fauna for those who enjoy birding.

The kitchen is purposely situated a tad away from the farm house to save the guests the agony of salivating while waiting for their gourmet meals. This is managed by the gracious hostess, Saliha, and the local Chef de Cuisine, who remain a cherished memory in the minds (and stomachs!) of all the guests who have had the fortune to relish the wide variety of Malabar dishes she conjures. Her Mapila Biriyani and the wide range of meat, fish and prawns have made her the favourite of all who have wallowed in her wondrous virtuosity during their stay there.


The Wintergreen farm house stands on a three acre property on top of a mountain. The bedrooms are well furnished. There are attached modern bathrooms. Fresh bed linen, towels and toiletries are provided. Both the bedrooms have functional fireplaces. There is a cosily furnished living room as well.

During the winter months, dinner is served al fresco around a warming fire made from fallen wood. Barbecues are arranged at request.


Morning/evening walks: There are vast areas in Ripon for long walks along relatively deserted village roads.

Rock climbing: This is purely for the adventurous. A trek to the river that runs in the valley below is arduous, but exciting. It could take a whole day to get back up to the farm house.  It is only a couple of thousand feet but it’s straight down!

Acid adventure: A moonlit night out around a campfire can be arranged by the rocky sides of the river in the valley below Wintergreen. There are lots of fishes in the river that can be caught and cooked right there. Our caretaker is a young adventurer who has grown up trekking up and down these steep mountain sides and spending nights out by the river.

Organised treks and mountain climbing: The VSS (Vana Samrakshana Samithi) arranges a full day trek up The Chembra Peak, the highest point in Wynad. There is a beautiful heart shaped lake right at the summit of the peak. Wild animals like deer, mountain goats etc. are common sights during these treks.  We have photographed a rare tiger on the slopes of Chembra.

Wildlife Watching: Wynad is strategically located on the periphery of three of India’s well known Wildlife and Tiger Reserves. From Wintergreen Valley, it is only a 50 Km or a 90 min drive to any of these three places –  Madhumalai, Bandipur and the Muthanga wildlife reserves. The Nagerhole sanctuary is about 100 km or a 3 hr drive from home. Elephants, bison, spotted deer and Sambhar are common here. Tigers are spotted not uncommonly. One can just drive along the highways that pass through these reserves and see a fair number of animals that stray onto the roads. There are in addition, trips organized by the Forest Department to take enthusiasts into the deep jungle where one gets to see a lot more animals, at close quarters.

Other places of interest:


 Pookot Lake: A natural lake with boating facilities, picnic areas and a children’s park.

- Kuruvadweep: A 950 acre, uninhabited island on the Kabani river. This is an ideal place for a quiet        picnic. There is interesting old temple architecture that can be seen here.

- Pazhassi tomb: The memorial of ‘the Lion of Kerala’ – Veera Pazhassi Raja.

- Pakshipathalam: This is a trekker’s paradise. There is a bird sanctuary here too.

- Boy’s Town: A herbal garden


Edakkal Caves: New Stone Age writings can be seen on the walls of these caves.

- Lakkidi: There is a legendary chain tree here that dates back to the time Wynad came into existence.
This is the gateway to Wynad. There is a tragic tale behind it too.

- Sultan’s Battery: This used to be the barracks of the erstwhile Sultan of Mysore, Tipu.


Soochipara waterfalls: A lovely waterfall, part of which can be viewed from Wintergreen Valley. The drive is about 40 min from WG. There are steps leading to the waterfall. One can bask under the waterfall here.

- Kanthanpara waterfalls: This is a smaller waterfall, about 3 km from WG, and is the ideal place for a swim (there are small water bodies here almost like swimming pools) and also for a nice body massage under the waterfall.

- Meenmutty waterfalls: This is perhaps the biggest waterfall in Wynad. It is quite an arduous descent to get here. This is a very beautiful waterfall, but not good for dipping in them as the areas are dangerous. It is good for a trek with a waterfall visit thrown in.

Comfort and safety during all activities/trips will be ensured by us to the best of our ability.

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