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Asha Sadan

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Category: Resort

Location: Hillstation

Tariff Range: Rs1200-1500


Asha Sadan is an answer for people who are searching for eco-centric life style and harmony with nature.It is in tune with the true spirit of vagamon that Asha Sadan functions.

The captivating fusion of nature and habitat makes Asha Sadan an alternative choice to those who seek peace and harmony. Elements of nature in its pristine form the fauna , flora ,misty plants , the birds and insects is the final destination for eco tourist . The construction of Asha Sadan owes to the master, the late architect , Laurie Baker.


With morethan 12 Rooms and a dormitory facility for around fofty people, Asha Sadan is for thetrue nature lovers. The Rooms are designed as cottages . Each cottage has maintained a precise distance from the other. In a natural ambience these cottage rooms will be ideal for individual occupants.


Room Category


Cottage Room


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on EP Plan (Room only basis)


Asha Sadan  located 1 km away from Vagamon.

By Rail

The nearest railway station is Kottayam or Ernakulam.

By Road

From Kottayam to Vagamon 55 km, From Ernakulam 105 km.

The bus stop to get down to Asha Sadan is Kurusumala Ashram or Mitrniketan Hospital, Vazhikadavu.

By Air

Te nearest airport is Cochin International airport. 105 km.


Kurisumala (Mountain of the Cross)
One of the tourist attractions in Vagamon is the Kurisumala, a sky-scraping mountain with a small church- the St.Sebastian’s Church (Phone: 04869-248293), on its peak. A Christian pilgrim center in Kerala, it is about 10km from Vagamon. Hundreds of devotees from far and near climb the hill during the holy week carrying wooden crosses, just like in Malayattoor, a major pilgrimage center in Ernakulam district. The place which is ideal for trekking, looks like a difficult terrain to climb from the ground, but there are enough paths around the steeper inclines. Kurishumala can also be visited by jeep from Vagamon.

Thangal Para
A unique rock formation, sacred to the Muslims located in the Thangal hill. Near the rock formation lies the the tomb (durgah) of Sheikh Fariduddin, a Sufi saint from Afghanistan who lived and died here about 800 years ago. It is believed that the huge rock formation was originally a small stone used by the saint to grind pan which grew enormously. During the annual ‘Urus’ Festival hundreds of devotees visit this place. There is also an ancient cave in this picturesque place, and it’s an adventurous and thrilling trek through the cave. The place is accessible by jeep, but during monsoons the jeeps may not go up till the rock cluster. For trekkers, there are painted white arrows showing the way and at the top a narrow path leads to the tomb.

Green Meadows

Imagine Plush Green Grass Lands with cool breeze going around all day long and you in middle of all this….. You probably should be here!, that’s right Vagamon Grass Lands… you can find it everywhere at Vagamon… No Better Place than this. You see the never ending hills of Vagamon all round you and no one to disturb you, You and your Peace of Mind…. That’s it when you are here.

It is a v- shaped gorge, one of the popular view points also known as a suicide point. The view from the top of the exhausting climb is spectacular.


Murugan Hill
Murugan Hill is very close to Thangal Para, and there is a Murugan temple here dedicated to Lord Muruga with beautiful carvings.

Pine Valley
The pine valley filled with enchanting tall pine trees makes it a nature-lover’s favourite spot. A walk through the misty valley is a beautiful experience especially during monsoon when dewdrops cluster on the pine leaves.



Water fall

This is essentially a lake and it’s catchment area, with grassy hillocks stretching into the forest on one side and ending at the cliff on the other. This large tract of land has a small stream originating at the lake and going through.

Water falls and the ravine. The steep hill tract which provides access to the water fall area is along the ridge and there can be many pavilions along that to enjoy rain, wind, and the infinite view of the hillscapes. There can also be performance podiums with the mountainous landscape as the background. The stream goes along the ravine and can be developed as a trekking path as it is a rugged route, with rocks and rough undulations. A small facility like a coffee bar and the like would add the richness of the place with more participation. A reservoir up stream would ensure the presence of enough amount of water even during dry season. A stepped path leading to the water fall itself is a thing of interest.

Rocky out crop

The steep rocky hill tract is almost mountainous in character. The cliff and ravine topography area is ideal for adventure activities that would attract people who like gliding, rope climbing, jumping and the like. There can be viewing pavilions too, as gufas in the vertical surface of the hill which would attract people for staying inside. This can be carved out of the rocks and would provide an adventurous stay.


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