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Athirapilly waterfall is the largest waterfall in Kerala. Athirappilly is popular among tourists.Athirapally is one of the best places to visit in Kerala  . Another popular waterfall to visit is the Vazhachal Falls. Athirappilly Falls is a part of Chalakkudy River and it is approximately 80 feet in height\

It is located 60 km from Thrissur City, 70 km northeast of Cochin city, 55 km northeast of Cochin international Airport, and 30 km from Chalakkudy town.

Originating as a sliver streak from the high ranges, and crashing through gorges lined with wild bushes and trees the waterfall gains strength and size as it thunders down at its final sojourn before it joins the rivers downstream. It is one of the best places in India to enjoy the serene charm of nature at its best.

Distance details are as follows:

Coimbatore-Pollachi 40 km-Valparai 65 km From Pollachi onwards, the road climbs up steeply through tea estates to Valparai. From Valparai, the road goes through dense wild jungles after Malakkiparai. Route is as follows: Valparai-Malakkiparai 22 km-Sholayar 24-Peringalkuthu Dam 25-Vazhachal 5-Athirapalli 5-Chalakudy 33 km.

Athirapalli falls is best visited during rains, rest of the year there is water flow but hardly the spectacle it is during Jun–Oct.

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